Friday 23 September 2022

A Court of Broken Dreams and Curses by Michelle Helen Fritz - Book Tour


"Once upon a time lived a mistreated girl who had forgotten how to dream and wish upon the stars."

A Court of Broken Dreams and Curses by Michelle Helen Fritz is a YA Fantasy Book and the first book in the Courts of Curses series. The book is already out.

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AUTHOR: Michelle Helen Fritz
TITLE: A Court of Broken Dreams and Curses
SERIES TITLE: Courts and Curses , Book 1
RELEASE DATE: September 22, 2022
GENRE: YA Fantasy, Fairytale Retelling, Regency Retelling

About the book:

When her stepfather demanded that she marry, life seemed at its bleakest. That is until a Fairy Godmother appeared wielding her silver wand and whisking Briella away to embrace her destiny.
The Faerie King Ezekiel of the Spring Court and his kingdom are under a curse. The land is dying and madness overtakes the dark halls of his castle. Living in a nightmare, King Ezekiel must atone for his past misdeeds.
With the help of friends, Briella must discover the pieces needed to break the curse or be left with a monstrous king who will hold her heart captive forever.

If you like Marissa Meyer, Elise Kova, Tessonja Odette, you will like this one too.

There is a giveaway running until September 28th and you can learn more about it and also enter on my Instagram post @booknotes_athina .

See you in the next post and don't forget to keep reading!!!

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