Sunday 7 February 2021

The Lion of the Sea (The Maiden Ship #2) by Micheline Ryckman - A Review


Hello everyone!!

First of all I want to thank Micheline (aka @whimsicalillustration) for the opportunity of reading this book earlier by sending me an eARC.
Now, let's get to the book.

The Lion of the Sea is the second book in The Maiden Ship series by Micheline Ryckman and it is a YA fantasy that is releasing today (February 7th, 2021) by Whimsical Publishing.

Last year in December I read The Maiden Ship and it went straight to my favourites (check my review here).

As was with the first one, this book is full of action and lovely characters. We rejoined our characters from the first book and also met some new ones, who drive the plot even further. I love Micheline's writing, it's whimsical and it can transport me to the setting with no difficulties. The story picks right where it ended in The Maiden Ship and continues to be full of action. We see our characters grow and make decisions that affect everyone. 
The book had everything. Happy and sad moments and of course funny ones. The Lion of the Sea doesn't end in a cliffhanger as The Maiden Ship did but you still want to know what is going to happen with our characters. I am eager to find out how Dain & Sable's story goes on as well as the reunion of a certain couple.

Rating: 4 Stars

Synopsis from Goodreads:
“Perhaps the present, no matter how messy, is the perfect time to live.”

Family is not always blood, and home is where the heart is. It took Dain Alloway years to understand these foundational truths. Now the captain of The Maiden, surrounded by the found family he loves, Dain sets out to end a centuries-old genocide and prevent an oncoming war. But when the girl he loves is torn from his arms, Dain might be forced to choose between saving just her, or saving them all.

See you in the next post and don't forget to keep reading!!!

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