Monday 10 January 2022

Scent of Obsession by Shanen Ricci - Book Tour


SCENT OF OBSESSION by Shanen Ricci is the first book in her new trilogy and is out now! Check out the gorgeous new gothic romance and get yours today!

Title: Scent of Obsession

Author: Shanen Ricci
Genre: Gothic Romance

About Scent of Obsession:

I was the woman who believed in fairy tales; he was the monster of them.   The Devil of Ravencliff Manor. The Phantom. Radcliff.   Escorted by a prince, my obsession led me to the villain’s lair, with no hope for rescue. Trapped inside his greenhouse, our once upon a time began with a flower. More accurately, with a scent that captivated me.   I signed my soul over to the man who represented my sinister nightmares. The one known to belong to the cruel shadows, who offered me my perfumer’s dream. He demanded the impossible: the missing piece of his kingdom of sins. I stalked the impossible: his humanity.   This is our dark tale.   When beauty met ugliness. When light met darkness. When heaven met hell.   A tale of obsession.

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About the Author:

Shanen Ricci likes to think of herself as a witch. Her books are love potions destined to make you fall in love with morally grey villains and alpha males who will burn down the world for the girl. The recipe? A dash of a dark fairytale brewed with mythology. An ounce of drama and angst. A lot of spicy scenes’ magic dust. And she never forget to swirl everything for a passionate romance. She began her journey by touching millions of readers online. When she's not using her cauldron — aka her computer — she's either acting on set, competing on 5k races, petting her cats, traveling the world, or overthinking her next book.    

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