Wednesday 20 February 2019

How to tackle your digital & physical TBR

To - Be - Read piles whether are digital or physical are always a problem because in spite of our generous attempts they seem to constantly grow and grow...
So you, like me, have a TBR problem and you need a way to tackle this problem. Your unread digital books are out of control and your physical unread piles are threatening to collapse on you.

Are you overwhelmed by trying to figure out which of these books you actually
might want to read?

Here comes this post to help you with some suggestions. I believe that using one of these techniques or a combination of them will help you to reduce the number of your unread books to the ones you really want to read. 

Do you remember why you want to read this book?

This is an obvious one, but if you have a book that you don't remember why you bought it in the first place, I think it has to go away.

Did you pay for this book?

If the answer is yes, then put all those books in a different pile and start reading them first. I know it can be irresistible when you can have a book for free either through a galley from a publisher or  through a free download from the ebook store of your preference. 

Let the universe decide for you

Write your unread books on a sheet of paper and put numbers next to them. You can write numbers on small pieces of paper and put them into a jar. Then you can either pick a number from the jar or use and let fate and luck decide your next read. You can also ask your friends on social media to help you choose a book to read.

By the date

Categorize your books by the date you acquired them so that you know how many books you add every month to your tbr. If there are books that are sitting there for a long time, it's probably time to say goodbye to them  and start reading the ones you are left with.

Do you have any more suggestions we should all try?
Share them in the comments...


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