Wednesday 27 March 2019

The House of Paper by Carlos Maria Dominguez - A Review

Today's review is for a book that I really really liked and which I wanted it to be bigger. You see it's only 112 pages. The book in question is The House of Paper (La casa de papel) by Carlos Maria Dominguez which I read in it's Greek translation by Lena Fragopoulou and Patakis Publications. 

The book is about Bluma Lennon, distinguished professor of Latin American literature at Cambridge,  who is hit by a car while crossing the street, immersed in a volume of Emily Dickinson's poems. Several months after her untimely demise, a package arrives for her from Argentina-a copy of a Conrad novel, encrusted in cement and inscribed with a mysterious dedication. Bluma's successor in the department (and a former lover) travels to Buenos Aires to track down the sender, one Carlos Brauer, who turns out to have disappeared.
The last thing known is that he moved to a remote stretch of the Uruguayan coastline and built himself a house out of his enormous and valuable library. How he got there, and why, is the subject of this seductive novel-part mystery, part social comedy, and part examination of all the many forms of bibliomania.

This is a very sweet little book about our love for books which can sometimes leads us to strange situations. The book is about books and those who love books. Those who love to read them, to collect them , to smell them and even sleep with them... 
It is a very original story, in my opinion. The House of Paper is a tribute to the strange and passionate relationship between people and their books.

It's a book that I will recommend to everyone who  loves books.


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