Wednesday 10 November 2021

A Light in the Sky by Shina Reynolds - Book Tour

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Today I am really excited to share with you A Light in the Sky by Shina Reynolds. The book is the first in the Clashing Skies series and it is a YA epic fantasy that will be published on November 11th.

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RELEASE DATE: 11.09.21
TITLE: A Light In the Sky
SERIES TITLE: Clashing Skies, Book 1
GENRE: YA Epic Fantasy
TRIGGER WARNINGS: Violence (war), animal attack on another animal (not fully seen), attacking animal dies, death

How far would you fly for freedom?

About the book:

Seventeen-year-old Aluma Banks has always dreamed of soaring freely through the skies astride a powerful winged steed of her own. But flying is a privilege granted only to the Riders of the king's Empyrean Cavalry, the aerial warriors who defend the borders of their land from the fallen kingdom of Laithlann.
Each year, Rider hopefuls across Eirelannia compete in the Autumn Tournament for the honor of joining the Cavalry. Aluma, trained to ride and fight by her retired Empyrean Rider father, knows she has what it takes to prove herself worthy-if only her father hadn't forbidden her from joining their ranks, in the hope of protecting his only daughter from the perils of war. To make matters worse, Thayer, Aluma's best friend who could be becoming something more, is competing-and if he wins, he'll leave her behind.
When Aluma's father is tragically injured just before the Tournament, she finds herself unexpectedly thrust into this year's competition. But as Aluma begins to pursue her dreams, she learns devastating secrets about the king and his never-ending war with Laithlann. In her quest for the truth, Aluma discovers a power deep within herself that may be the only way to save Eirelannia and the people she loves from the darkness that threatens to consume them all.

If you like books like Red Queen, The Scorpio Races and The 100, you will like this one too.

There is a giveaway running until November 15th and you can learn more about it and also enter on my Instagram post @booknotes_athina .

See you in the next post and don't forget to keep reading!!!


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