Saturday 4 June 2022

May 2022 Reading Wrap up

 Hello everyone!!

I know that it sounds cliché but another month has gone by very quickly and it is time again for my reading wrap up. In May I read 5 books. One of them was a physical copy and the rest were ebooks. Three of them were also ARCs that released in May. 
I had one 5 star read and the rest of them were 4 star reads.

Let's see them together... 

The Thief (The Queen's Thief #1) by Megan Whalen Turner

I have heard many good things about the book and I couldn't pass reading it when I had the opportunity.
I really liked it. It is a more traditional fantasy and I really liked the author's writing and the storyline. It also had a really good plot twist. I found the main character really interesting and I enjoyed reading his story. I loved the world and I am eager to learn more about it in the next book.

Rating: 4 Stars

I received an ARC of this book via Netgalley

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The Sylvan and the Sand (The Book of All Things #2) by Sarah M. Cradit

This is the second book that I read from Sarah M. Cradit and I really liked it. It has my favourite enemies to lovers trope and I really love the characters and the storyline. I really like Sarah's writing style and the world building is really good.
Yesenia is a great female character. She is fierce and smart and always speaks her mind despite the consequences. Corin is a cinnamon roll but he is also determined to help others and his character complements Yesenia's. I loved the slow burned romance between them. How they became close to each other and embraced their feelings.

Rating: 4 Stars

I received an ARC of this book from the author

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The Rightful Bearer ( The Maiden Ship #3) by Micheline Ryckman

This is the finale to The Maiden Ship trilogy and it was very satisfying to read. 
I really liked the whole storyline and I loved the author's writing style. I liked the world-building which is unique and I loved the magic system. 
The story wraps up beautifully and any questions you might had are answered. The character development is excellent and I cannot pick a favourite character as I loved them all. 

Rating: 4 Stars

I received an ARC of this book from the author

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Capturing the Devil (SJTR #4) by Keri Maniscalco

This is the finale to the Stalking Jack the Ripper series and I loved how Kerri Maniscalco concluded her story. I really like Kerri's writing and I really enjoyed how she told this story and how she implemented all the twists and turns in the plot.

Rating: 5 Stars

Becoming the Dark Prince (SJTR #3.5) by Kerri Maniscalco

This is a novella and its events take place during the events of Escaping from Houdini and before Capturing the devil and it was lovely to read it. 
We got to see the struggles and triumphs of Thomas Cresswell and it was really good to see some events from his POV. We learn more about his character, his fears and secrets.

Rating: 4 Stars

These were all the books that I read in May. 
Currently I am in the middle of two that I really enjoy and hope to finish soon.

See you in the next post and don't forget to keep reading!!!

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