Monday 7 November 2022

October 2022 Reading Wrap Up

 Hello everyone!!

It has been awhile since I last did a monthly reading wrap up. The previous months were really busy for me and I didn't have the appropriate time to write a wrap up. 
To be honest I haven't read that much in the previous months but that will change , I promise. In October I read three books , one audiobook and two ebooks.

Let's see them together...

The Raven and The Dove by Kaitlyn Davis

This is the first book in the series and it was on my tbr from its publication date. I finally read it and I really liked it. Now I cannot wait to continue with the series. 
It is an epic fantasy retelling of Tristan and Isolde and it has everything. Betrayals, star-crossed lovers, fierce heroines, brooding heroes and forbidden romances.  It is action packed and has many plot twists. I also really liked the world building.

Rating: 4 Stars

Demon in the Wood by Leigh Bardugo

I listened to the audiobook and just loved it. The cast was amazing just as the story was also great. 
It is a prequel to the main Shadow and Bone trilogy and tells us a story from Darkling's childhood. 

Rating: 5 Stars

The Desert Threat : An Assassin's Creed Novel by Yan Leisheng

In general I really like the Assassin's Creed novels but this one was not one of my favourites.
It takes place in Ancient Mongolia in 16th century CE and our main hero Shao Jun is the main focus of the story. The book is action packed but as with the previous one of this series I am really confused by the names and their roles. It is full of political intrigue and it is well written, which I really enjoyed.

Rating: 3 Stars

These were all the books that I read in October.
Have you read any of them? What did you think?

See you in the next post and don't forget to keep reading!!!

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