Tuesday 8 November 2022

An Incarnation of Shadow & Light by Samantha Christianson - Release Day Tour


An Incarnation of Shadow & Light by Samantha Christianson is a New Adult LGBTQ+ fantasy novel . It is published today November 8th 2022.

Title of book: An Incarnation of Shadow and Light
Author: Samantha Christianson
Genre: New Adult LGBTQ+ Fantasy
Release Date: November 8th, 2022

About the book:

In the nation of Verchiél only a rare handful of people known as Incarnate can use magic. Equally feared and respected, they are afforded every luxury and revered as saints or would be gods. But after the suspicious deaths of Verchiél’s rulers, a power struggle is set into motion between four Incarnate, each vying for a vacant seat of power for their own desires. Gabriel, a self-proclaimed man of luxury who takes darker paths to secure his crumbling place in high society.
Zoe, the daughter of a disgraced merchant. Determined to redeem her family’s legacy at increasing costs.
Niklas, an exiled prince. Trying to escape the ghosts of his past and create a new future for himself.
Silje, an assassin who will stop at nothing until every broken promise in her life has finally been fulfilled.
Infighting and betrayal runs rampant as each becomes worse than their problems in order to solve them.

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