Monday 6 November 2023

The Man With The Golden Gun (James Bond #13) by Ian Fleming - A Review

 ‘Mister, there’s something quite extra about the smell of death. Care to try it?’

― Ian Fleming, The Man With the Golden Gun

The Man With the Golden GunThe Man With the Golden Gun by Ian Fleming
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Man With the Golden Gun is the 13th book in the James Bond original series by Ian Fleming.
One of reading goals is to read all the James Bond books and I am slowly making my way through.

After a year missing in action, Bond is back... brainwashed by the KGB and on a mission to assassinate M. To prove his worth to the Service, he must hunt down and eliminate his fiercest opponent yet: “Pistols” Scaramanga – The Man With The Golden Gun.

This book is the final book that Ian Fleming wrote before his death and many say that this is his weakest work. I don't agree with that. I found the story to be really interesting , with James Bond saving the day as always.
I would have preferred the book to be more fast-aced and with more action. We got to see action only at the end of the book for the finale.

Also, this book is very different from the movie but that has nothing to do with the book itself.

About the book:
If you try to assassinate your boss-even though brainwashed at the time-you must pay the price. To redeem himself James Bond is sent to kill one of the most lethal hit men in the world ... Paco Pistols Scaramanga. In the sultry heat of Jamaica, 007 infiltrates his target's criminal cooperative-only to find that Scaramanga's bullets are laced with snake venom. When the end comes, every shot will count.  

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