Thursday 21 January 2021

My Reading Goals for 2021

 Hello everyone!!

I hope you are having a great January so far. As we are approaching the end of January I though it was time to share with you my Reading Goals for 2021.

As 2020 was a different and pretty difficult year for everyone, including me, I decided that this year I don't want to overdo it with my reading goals. I set myself seven goals which are easy to fulfill if I stay focused. Six of them are strictly reading goals and the seventh one is about my bookstagram account (@booknotes_athina by the way). 

Let's start with my GoodReads reading challenge for 2021. Last year I set my goal on 52 books and that is what I am going to do this year also. I feel 52 books is an easy target that will not stress me throughout  the year. It is one book per week which I think it's fair considering I have a toddler at home. 

The second goal is to read books that are already on my shelves and believe when I say that they are a lot. That said I want to buy less books this year if that is possible. In 2020 I went a little crazy and I add many new books on my shelves that I haven't yet managed to read. In 2019 I was buying one new books after finishing five already owned ones. It worked for a while but not for the whole year. I want to try and do it again in 2021. 

I will combine the next three into one because they are basically in the same spirit. 
I want to read more adult fantasy books. I will of course continue reading young adult fantasy books but I want to read more adult because there are great  titles out there that I need to read. I am looking at you Brandon Sanderson and George R. R. Martin. 
I also want to read more classics as I found them very interesting and a good representation of their times. I also have a lot on my shelves that I want to read.
The last one in this category of goals is my desire to read more non-fiction books and more specifically history and science ones. 
I am all ears for recommendations in any of these categories. 

Lastly for the reading goals I want to finish more book series. I am in the middle or at the beginning of many and I think it is time to complete them in 2021.

The seventh goal as I said is about my bookstagram account. I have my account since February 2017 and in the last year it grew much more than in previous years and I want this to continue. I love taking bookish photos and interacting with so many people who love books as much as I do and who understand me. My goal for this one is pretty ambitious. I want to reach 5000 followers by the end of 2021. I have a long way to go to reach this milestone but I am willing to try and put everything in it. 

Of course I will not forget my little blog. As you may have noticed I am posting more frequently since the beginning of the year. At least three times a week (Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday) and I hope I can keep it up. I also want to expand on how many people my blog reaches which simply means more page views.

Well, let's hope that everything goes to plan and we will be back here to check my progress.

Have a great 2021!

See you in the next post and don't forget to keep reading!!!
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