Tuesday 26 July 2022

A Gleam Amidst the Dark by Julie Janis - Book Tour


A Gleam Amidst the Dark by Julie Janis is a YA epic fantasy and the second book in The Rythmist Cycle series. The book is being released today July 26th.

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I have read the first book in the series A Song Among the Silence and you can find my review of it here

(For A Song Among the Silence, Book 1, to keep spoilers away!)

Life has never been easy for Derrick. Having been raised among the Nixormans—a species with quick reflexes who pride themselves on being great soldiers—all Derrick wants is to join the human world and finally belong. When Derrick meets a human girl in the forest, he finally takes a stand against his guardian and leaves for the human kingdom. But what he expected is far from what he finds. The human kingdom is suffering from the winter and is bathed in more Darkness than what heimagined.
Being the princess of a suffering kingdom cursed with an eternal winter didn't make Kota Holland's life as grand as it could be. Especially afterher mother dies and her father marries a Dark mage. But when her father becomes ill and her stepmother takes control, Kota will do anything to heal him—even if it means dabbling with Dark magic for a cure.
When a cunning Dark mage enters their lives and offers to fix everything, Derrick and Kota find themselves making an unbreakable deal to get their answers. Failure to uphold their end of the deal and a curse will take their lives.
As Derrick’s and Kota’s lives intertwine, they find the winter growing stronger and the kingdom's resources depleting. Without the answers they seek, more is at stake than just their lives. They risk the entire kingdom’s survival.
One wrong step and everything they’ve worked for will crumble.

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