Tuesday 24 May 2022

The One Month Boyfriend by Roxie Noir - Book Tour


It’s a simple enough agreement: for one month, Silas Flynn is my boyfriend of convenience.
The One Month Boyfriend, an all-new fun and hilarious fake-relationship rom-com from bestselling author Roxie Noir, is live now!
It’s a simple enough agreement: for one month, Silas Flynn is my boyfriend of convenience.
He needs his old-fashioned boss to think he’s ready to settle down.

I need some arm candy to prove to my jerk ex-fiancé that I’ve moved on.

Perfect, right? Except for one minor detail: we can’t stand each other.
Everybody thinks he's this perfect guy, but I know the real Silas. He’s a cocky, obnoxious jerk who thinks he can charm his way out of trouble and get anything he wants.
But there’s one tiny problem with fake dating: it looks a lot like real dating. Worse, it feels a lot like real dating.
I know once this is over, we’ll go our separate ways. No matter the smoldering looks he gives me, the possessive way he touches me, or the dirty things he whispers in my ear, Silas isn’t falling for me.

That’s fine. No matter how good being with him feels, I’m not falling for him, either.

One month. That’s it.

Fall in love today!
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About Roxie

I love writing sexy, alpha men and the headstrong women they fall for.

My weaknesses include: beards, whiskey, nice abs with treasure trails, sarcasm, cats, prowess in the kitchen, prowess in the bedroom, forearm tattoos, and gummi bears.

I live in California with my very own sexy, bearded, whiskey-loving husband and two hell-raising cats.

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