Tuesday 31 May 2022

When the Ashes Fall by Emmie Johnson - Release Day Tour


When the Ashes Fall by Emmie Johnson is a Paranormal /  Lore Fantasy Romance book and it is the first book in The Chronicles of Lore series. The book was released today May 31st.

About the book:

In the realm of Eden truth has always lived in the shadows

An old war has left the land of Eden shattered and divided, the five territories isolated from each other. The kings that once ruled them long ago striped of their crowns. With a new law and order taking control, the Royal Council. Seated in the gilded and secretive High City, a place that few enter and even few return from.

Nora Villiams is an average witch going about her life when the strings of destiny are plucked and ancient powers are reincarnated into the world of Eden. As her and her sisters are forced to face the betrayal of someone they love, they are all left wounded. Leaning on each other to pick up the pieces of the only life they knew. With the help of some unlikely allies, the sisters must decided what the next season of their life will look like all while the impending doom of war lingers over their heads.

When the truth emerges from the shadows will the people of Eden be prepared to face the horrors that will soon be unleashed.

See you in the next post and don't forget to keep reading!!!

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