Friday 9 February 2024

The Forgotten Beasts f Eld by Patricia A. McKillip - A Review


"You can weave your life so long -- only so long, and then a thing in the world out of your control will tug at one vital thread and leave you patternless and subdued.”

― Patricia A. McKillip, The Forgotten Beasts of Eld

To celebrate its 50th anniversary of The Forgotten Beasts of Elm the publisher (Tachyon Publications) are releasing a special edition of the book with many beautiful illustrations by Stephanie Law. 

I haven't read anything by Patricia A. McKillip before and this book intrigued so much that I will definitely read more of her works. 

This book was really magical and with very beautiful and powerful writing. It feels like you are reading a fairytale but a modern one. There is no much world building but that does not matter. We have magical talking animals and powerful wizards. 

It is an atmospheric and character-driven story, a story of love, revenge and forgiveness.

This edition will be published on February 29th & you do not want to miss it!

Rating: 4 Stars

About the book:

Fifty years ago, the soon-to-be celebrated young author Patricia A. McKillip (the Riddle-Master trilogy) penned the tale of an iron-willed young sorceress. Brought vividly to life by McKillip's gorgeously lush prose, Sybel, living with her captivating menagerie, is powerful and resourceful, yet headstrong and flawed. Sybel and The Forgotten Beasts of Eld continue to enrapture new generations of readers, and they continue to inspire generations of new fantasy writers. This lovely 50th anniversary hardcover special edition features cover art by World Fantasy Award-winner Thomas Canty and a brand new introduction by bestselling fantasy author Marjorie Liu (The Tangleroot Palace).

Sybel, the heiress of powerful wizards, needs the company of no-one outside her gates. In her exquisite stone mansion, she is attended by exotic, magical Riddle-master Cyrin the boar; the treasure-starved dragon Gyld; Gules the Lyon, tawny master of the Southern Deserts; Ter, the fiercely vengeful falcon; Moriah, feline Lady of the Night. Sybel only lacks the exquisite and mysterious Liralen, which continues to elude her most powerful enchantments.

But when a soldier bearing an infant arrives, Sybel discovers that the world of man and magic is full of both love and deceit, and the possibility of more power than she can possibly imagine.

See you in the next post and don't forget to keep reading!!!


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