Thursday 8 February 2024

The Hurricane Wars (The Hurricane Wars #1) by Thea Guanzon - A Review


“You've been fighting all your life, Your instinct is to strike first, before anyone can hurt you. But, sometimes it's the blow the molds us. Taking it. Letting it ring against our defenses, until we are assured in the knowledge that, when it's over, we will still be standing.”

― Thea Guanzon, The Hurricane Wars

The Hurricane Wars is a fantasy romance and the 1st book in a series. I have heard many conflicting reviews but I really enjoyed reading this one last month and I cannot wait for a sequel.

The book has a very intricate political backdrop and magic system that makes it even more interesting. I hope we get to see more of that in the sequels.
The author takes inspiration from the mythology and lore of her native Philippines that I really enjoyed.
There is a lot of information in the first part of the book that is necessary to the story but makes it a little bit slow paced.

The writing of the author is very beautiful. It is very expressive and flowery.
We follow the story through two POVs from our main characters and the author can seamlessly transition from one POV to the other. The main trope here (and one of my favourites) is enemies to lovers. I really liked the dynamic between Talasyn and Alaric, their chemistry was vey clear. 

Rating: 4 Stars

About the book:

The Night Empire will rule all.
Nothing can stand in the way of its might and power.
Little by little, year by year, the Hurricane Wars take more and more from those who resists the empire’s supremacy.
And yet, there is hope in the darkness.
One lone light stands against the empire.

Talasyn was left on the steps of a Sardovian orphanage as a baby. All she has ever known are the Hurricane Wars, as her people fight for freedom from the tyranny of the Night Emperor Gaheris. But are they her people? Talasyn dreams of one day finding where she comes from – her true place, family, and the source of the Lightweave magic that flows through her veins like sunlight.

Alaric of House Ossinast, Master of the Shadowforged Legion and Gaheris’s only son and heir has been forged into a weapon by his father. Tasked with obliterating the Sardovian Allford alliance with the strength of his armies and mighty Shadow magic, all Alaric can see is their goal: extinguish all threats to the empire.

That is until he sees Talasyn burning brightly on the battlefield with the magic that killed his grandfather, turned his father into a monster, and ignited the Hurricane Wars. He tries and fails to kill her, his now greatest enemy slipping through his fingers.

But a greater threat is coming. One that will overshadow the Hurricane Wars.

Will these mortal enemies be able to come together to confront it or is everything that has been fought over for so long about to be destroyed?

See you in the next post and don't forget to keep reading!!!

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