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The Sword of Kaigen by M.L. Wang - A Review


“I’ve never needed a sword to protect you—to raise you the way your father wanted. Caring for my family meant putting away the fighter, so I did.”
― M.L. Wang, The Sword of Kaigen

This book is magnificent in very aspect of it and if you haven't read it yet, you should go and read it now.

The Sword of Kaigen is a japanese-inspired military fantasy standalone and it explores the complexities of family dynamics, the weight of honor and tradition, all set against the backdrop of an impending war. The book is adventurous but at the same time emotional, with strong character development and amazing world building.

Our main charcters, Misaki and Mamoru, are perfectly written but they are not perfect. They have their flaws and that makes them better. 
The world and the setting feel very unique. The author has done a great research and everything is spot on. 
Lastly, the ending of the book was very satisfying and everything wrapped up nicely.

Rating: 5 Stars

About the book:

A mother struggling to repress her violent past,
A son struggling to grasp his violent future,
A father blind to the danger that threatens them all.

When the winds of war reach their peninsula, will the Matsuda family have the strength to defend their empire? Or will they tear each other apart before the true enemies even reach their shores?

High on a mountainside at the edge of the Kaigenese Empire live the most powerful warriors in the world, superhumans capable of raising the sea and wielding blades of ice. For hundreds of years, the fighters of the Kusanagi Peninsula have held the Empire’s enemies at bay, earning their frozen spit of land the name ‘The Sword of Kaigen.’

Born into Kusanagi’s legendary Matsuda family, fourteen-year-old Mamoru has always known his purpose: to master his family’s fighting techniques and defend his homeland. But when an outsider arrives and pulls back the curtain on Kaigen’s alleged age of peace, Mamoru realizes that he might not have much time to become the fighter he was bred to be. Worse, the empire he was bred to defend may stand on a foundation of lies.

Misaki told herself that she left the passions of her youth behind when she married into the Matsuda house. Determined to be a good housewife and mother, she hid away her sword, along with everything from her days as a fighter in a faraway country. But with her growing son asking questions about the outside world, the threat of an impending invasion looming across the sea, and her frigid husband grating on her nerves, Misaki finds the fighter in her clawing its way back to the surface.

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