Friday 4 March 2022

The Assassin Bride by Anastasis Blythe - Release Day Tour

 Hello everyone!!

Today I am really excited to share with you The Assassin Bride by Anastasis Blythe, which is a YA High Romantic Fantasy and it is the first book in The King and the Assassin series. The book released today March 4th.

To be more specific the book is published on Kindle Vella, which means that  the first installment released today.  Then, Ana will be publishing chapters on a weekly basis on Vella until the story is completed. 

“THE SELECTION” meets “THRONE OF GLASS” in this dark and twisted tale of a deadly bridal competition for the hand of a mysterious shadow king.

It is said that the Neverseen King comes in search of a new bride every hundred years. I thought it was only legend—until he came for me. I am one of twelve assassins forced to compete for the hand of our unseen king, who I’m beginning to doubt is even human at all. Why he needs a bride, much less one who wields a blade, isn’t any of my business. All I’m trying to do is get out of here with my life and my heart intact. I don’t want to care about the mysteries I begin uncovering about the king, about why he never shows his face, about his palace that turns into a nightmare after dusk. I’m just trying to escape. But apparently, my choice is to win this competition or die. I’m not dying. And I’m definitely not falling in love with him.

THE ASSASSIN BRIDE is the first in series story of an assassin and her Neverseen King, perfect for fans of Sylvia Mercedes and Sarah K L Wilson who love dark, swoon-worthy heroes and a sweet (not steamy) slow-burn romance. 

See you in the next post and don't forget to keep reading!!!

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