Saturday 3 July 2021

A Curse of Blood And Power by Viviene Noel - Cover Reveal

 Hello everyone!!

Today in collaboration with Book Of Matches Media , I am really excited to show you the cover for A Curse of Blood and Power by Viviene Noel. 

"What if the monster lurking was the part of her that had been stolen?"

The book will be released on August 3rd , it is YA/NA Epic Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Dark Fantasy and it is also the first book in a series. 

Without further ado here is the beautiful cover.

You can preorder the book at .
There is a special preorder price of $3.99, please make sure to check it out because it will be for a limited time!

If you like Brandon Sanderson, Sarah J. Maas, Laini Taylor, Leigh Bardugo and Audrey Grey , you will like this one too.

Engulfed in darkness, she will stumble upon her own. 
On Fanhalen, world-walking was once a coveted gift wielded only by the Castellain line. But their line is long gone, and since the sudden disappearance of magic at the beginning of the Shadow War, it is only a whispered memory.
In Mahena’s world, twenty-first century Earth, magic doesn’t exist. But when she awakens in another realm, it rapidly becomes clear that whatever magical fragments remain, they react to her. Plagued by dreams and visions of a past she doesn’t remember, and a cruel voice at the back of her head that isn’t hers, she has no choice but to place her trust in the two secretive, mysterious twins who took her in.
With a death warrant on her head, Emmerentia has been in hiding, with the help of her twin, Fàaran, since the war began. When she learns that a part of her memory might have been stolen from her, she decides to come out of the shadows in search of answers. With a complicated past and twisted emotions, the twins’ unwavering loyalty will be put to the test in the face of this new threat.
To find the answer to the mist surrounding Mahena’s true identity, they all must travel to the Scholar-Kingdom, where the last spell cast still holds and the world’s most coveted collection of knowledge resides. But through a land ravaged by spreading Shadows, will they find their way through the dark?

There is also an international giveaway running at the moment. You can enter by searching #ACOBAPCoverReveal or going to my Instagram page @booknotes_athina .

See you in the next post and don't forget to keep reading!!!

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