Monday 11 December 2023

The Christmas Stocking Tag (Blogmas 2023 - Day 11)

 Hello everyone!!

After a little bit of thinking, I decided that I will not post my Blogmas posts on the weekends. I am more busy than usual on the weekends and I want to spend my spare time with family.

So, without further ado here is today's post, which is The Christmas Book Tag!!

Let's start...

You get up on Christmas morning and your stocking is full! You take it down and start to unwrap the treats inside. The first thing you see is…

An orange! Which book is refreshing and vibrant, both inside and out?

I am currently reading Check & Mate by Ali Hazelwood and this book fits perfectly this category.

The next thing you see is a bag of chocolate coins. (Yum) Which book have you recently bought that was a little expensive, but totally worth the price?

I recently received my Illumicrate Special Edition of The Fragile Threads of Power by V.E. Schwab. It was a little bit on the pricier side but it was totally worth it!! Both the design of the book and the book itself are perfect.

You also pull out a bath bomb. Tell us about a book that had explosive action scenes.

This year I read some Assassin's Creed novels and almost all of them have great action scenes. Another one that I can think of is The Martyr by Anthony Ryan.

Next is a pack of playing cards. Which series won you over?

That one has to go to Belladonna & Foxglove by Adalyn Grace. I really liked these books and I cannot wait for the next one in the series.

You also get a candle. Which character is a symbol of hope in their story?

Coco, our main character in The Witch Hat Atelier manga series. 

There are socks inside too. Is there a book that you think really encompasses all the distinctive tropes of its genre?

I really love the enemies to lovers trope in books and especially in Romantasy books. Fourth Wing and The Serpent and the Wings of Night by Carissa Broadbent did an excellent job at that.

There’s also a small bedside clock. Which book took you a long time to pick up but was worth it in the end?

The Ballad of Never After by Stephanie Garber. This book was sitting on my TBR pile since it came out and I finally read it last month and loved it!

Your pile is getting really big. You reach in to pull out the last gift and it’s… a lump of coal? You’re a little disappointed. But you look closer and realize there’s a seam running through the coal. You crack it open and sitting inside is a tiny golden gem. Tell us about a book that surprised you in some way.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi as well as the rest of the books in this series. I didn't expect to like them as much as I did.

See you in the next post and don't forget to keep reading!!!

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