Saturday 6 February 2021

Blood and Sand by C. V. Wyk - A Review


Hello everyone!!

Today we are reviewing Blood and Sand by C. V. Wyk which is a YA historical fiction book published in January 2018 by Tor Teen. 

This book takes place in ancient Rome and its story focuses on what if Spartacus was a woman instead of a man. We follow the life of Attia, who is a Maedi princess from Trace, from the moment she was sold as a slave in Rome. 

I liked this book and I enjoyed reading it. It was a first in a series but I read that it won't continue. That's a pity! I would like to read more of about Attia's adventures and Spartacus. I liked Attia's  character and her dynamics with Xanthus, a gladiator and Champion of Rome. 
It's a beautiful fantasy / historical fantasy book full with action, gladiators and the story of Spartacus. It also discusses themes like slavery and injustice. 
We have two narrators in the book. Attia, who is a badass warrior princess and Xanthus, the gladiator who is loyal and respectful .
The book had a lot of action but it was also a little bit slow, especially at the beginning. It packed all the action and the reveals towards the end. 

Rating: 3 Stars

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Forged in battle, from the dust of the arena, a legend will rise...
Roma Victrix. The Republic of Rome is on a relentless march to create an empire―an empire built on the backs of the conquered, brought back to Rome as slaves.
Attia was once destined to rule as the queen and swordmaiden of Thrace, the greatest warrior kingdom the world had seen since Sparta. Now she is a slave, given to Xanthus, the Champion of Rome, as a sign of his master’s favor. Enslaved as a child, Xanthus is the preeminent gladiator of his generation.
Against all odds, Attia and Xanthus form a tentative bond. A bond that will spark a rebellion. A rebellion that threatens to bring the Roman Republic to its end―and gives rise to the legend of Spartacus...

See you in the next post and don't forget to keep reading!!!

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